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About Project Report

A business plan or project plan is a vital document for any business that contains information about the pertaining to its promoters, business model, operations, past, competitor analysis, market analysis and project financial performance. Business plan is very essential as it serves as a roadmap for the business and provides information in an understandable format to investors wanting to know more about the business. A key use of a business plan or investor pitch is for raising private equity capital or angel investment in a startup. Business plans are used by private equity investors and angel investors to gain an insight into the business for making a investment decision.

A well drafted business plan will contain details about the promoters, infrastructure information, human capital requirement, business model, industry outlook, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, past financial performance, projected financial performance, key financial indicators and any other relevant information. IndiaFilings has a team of professional with extensive experience in preparing business plans. Contact us today and we can help you prepare a well structured business plan for your startup. A business plan is one of the most important business documents for any business. Entrepreneurs starting a new business and business owners managing an existing business require a well defined business plan to efficiently manage the business. Business plans are dynamic documents which would change over time as the business and the operating environment evolves.

Drafting Project Report

A well drafted business plan would address various aspects pertaining to the business. In case the business plan is to be submitted to the bank or private equity firms, it is better to have the business plan prepared by an experienced financial professional.

It is better to break-up the business plan into various segments centered around themes. Then each area surrounding the theme can be addressed in that segment. Drafting a business plan with this structure would ensure that the business plan has a well structured format and good flow of thoughts. Some of the major areas that must be addressed in the business plan are:

Reasons to Business Plan Preparation

Financial Professional

A well drafted business plan will ensure easy access to equity funding. So an experienced Financial Professional with good writing, presentation and financial analysis skill must prepare the business plan.

Well Drafted Business Plan

A Well drafted business plan will contain information pertaining to the Entrepreneur background, Infrastructure, Human Capital, Business Model, Operational Information, Industry Outlook, SWOT Analysis and Financial Performance.

Sudnyastartupmantra Can Help

Sudnyastartupmantra has extensive experience in compiling business plans. So talk to our Business Advisors today if you require a business plan or investor pitch for your startup.

Capital Syndication

Business plan plays an important role in the syndication of capital from investors. A well-drafted business plan has all the information a bank or financial institution requires for making a credit or investment decision.



all inclusive fees

Professional business plan preparation for startups and businesses having annual turnover of less than 25 lakhs.

From Rs.24899 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: Rs.2223 for 12 months*

From Rs.49899 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: Rs.4455 for 12 months*


all inclusive fees

Professional business plan preparation for businesses having annual turnover of less than 10 crore.

From Rs.99899 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: Rs.8920 for 12 months*

Frequently Asked Questions

With a Basic account you have the possibility to create and manage a single project. With the Premium version you can create and manage as many projects as you want, same with the Enterprise version.

Gouti offers a calendar view of the projects. The project calendar displays the entire project activity. A user-specific view 'My Calendar' is available and displays its scheduled tasks and actions. It is also possible to visualize the activity of the project through a GANTT chart, configurable according to the size of the project. Finally, a Macro-Planning completes this GANTT view, in order to have a refined view depending on what you want to visualize. It’s possible to set the information to display as well as the shaping by a choice of color.

Only users who have the right to update or read on the project can view all project information. It is the project manager who gives these rights

In right/write right you have an access on all the information and variables of the project. You can add tasks, actions, issues, deliverables, risks, change requests ... In short you place yourself as head of project. In read right you can only consult the project data but without any update rights.

Not at all, people to whom you assign tasks, actions, issues will immediately see them on their Gouti account. They will then be able to modify the progress of the tasks and write comments to the project manager.

Your collaborator only sees what you assign to him. He has access to the list of his tasks, his issues, his actions and a view of his planning. He has the opportunity to go into detail about his tasks, issues and actions, to consult attached documents, to report on his progress and to leave associated comments by notifying the project manager. Nevertheless, if in the "Rights Management" you give him the right to read, he can then consult the project information but cannot modify it.

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